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Friday, March 3, 2017

The Writer's Life 3/3 - Sunshine

While channel surfing last night, I came upon an interesting new series on NET, 30 on Cablevision in NYC. The Catholic Novel is hosted by Father Robert Lauder, author of more than a dozen books, professor of philosophy at St. John’s University in Jamaica, Queens, and regular contributor to the movie-review series, REEL FAITH (also on NET), which looks at films from a Catholic perspective. I was raised Catholic but am now agnostic. Of course, that doesn't mean I have no interest in faith and the struggle to hold on to it. In fact, I envy those who believe. To me, life seems futile and devoid of any meaning other than what an individual ascribes to it. That doesn't mean it shouldn't be cherished or enjoyed. Certainly, it will always be fascinating and worth living. The episodes of TCN are less than 15 minutes. The first was an overview. The second focused on Graham Greene's The Power and the Glory. Up next is Evelyn Waugh's Brideshead Revisited, which I read long ago and still remember one aspect - the conflict a lapsed, dying Catholic suffers, and others wondering if he will make the sign of the cross before he dies. 150 books are expected to be covered. Unfortunately, I was unable to find the list on the web. I wanted to post it here. Perhaps it has yet to be published. I'm curious as to how many of the works I've read. There is a list of 100 available online at, amassed by Deal W. Hudson. Both the aforementioned titles are on it.

Last Saturday I went to Best Buy to shop for a microwave oven. The smallest was way bigger than I desired. Two days ago I entered an auction at Ebay for a Hamilton Beach .07 cubic foot Countertop, listed at $15.99. I won! Shipping is $28. The funds, earned doing surveys on the computer, came out of my paypal account. not my pocket. I suspect it's a bottom of the barrel model, but I don't need anything sophisticated. I used the one that recently went kaput after 29 years only minutes per week.

I had not expected to open the floating book shop today, as the forecast predicted clouds, wind and flurries. To my surprise, the sun was shining when I left the building at 10:20 AM, and it continued to shine as I waited in my car for the alternate side regulation to expire at eleven. I set up and was immediately awarded, as a young man purchased When All You've Ever Wanted Isn't Enough: The Search for a Life That Matters by Harold Kushner. I thought that would be it, as it was rather cold and blustery, but a woman came along and bought a paperback in Russian, and a second bought another one plus a Nora Roberts thriller, and Cabbie showed up for a swap and buy, so the effort was worth it even when it became mostly cloudy. Gazing out my window at 5:24 PM, I see the sun is shining.
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