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Thursday, March 23, 2017

The Writer's Life 3/23 - My Bad

Donald Winkler, 83, was upset with the quality of care at Long Island's Nassau University Medical Center, so he checked himself out in the middle of the night. In the parking lot he spotted an ambulance that had its keys in the ignition, and stole it. He was found at a nearby 7-11, and admitted to the theft. He was arrested and taken back to the hospital for psychiatric evaluation. In a bedside arraignment, bail was set at $3,000. (From Yahoo's Odd News, reworded by yours truly.)

A Pennsylvania man mistakenly sent a text message to a Pennsylvania prosecutor, offering to trade marijuana for heroin. Later, he forwarded a photo of a plastic bag containing a green substance on a scale. John Raimondo, 29, was busted at the swap site outside a shopping center northwest of Philadelphia. He failed to appear for a hearing and is being sought by authorities. (Yahoo, reworded.)

A married Texas high school teacher arrested for an alleged sexual relationship with a student is beaming in her mugshot - because she's innocent, says her lawyer. Sarah Fowlkes, 27, taught - drumroll, please - anatomy and physiology! She once wrote on the school's web page: "I have very high expectations of myself as a teacher as well as of my students." In a photo on her Facebook page, she's dressed as a Playboy bunny. She is currently suspended. (Yahoo, reworded). Offers from porn producers must be flooding her mailbox and social media accounts. Maybe her big smile is attributable to the windfall the publicity will eventually bring - if she avoids jail time. At least she fulfilled the expectations of one lucky student. I don't think this is what Hall & Oates had in mind when they sang Sara Smile.

Parrots are flying high in India - on heroin. The birds quietly invade fields and peck at poppy plants, much to the dismay of the farmers who never see them coming. (From the Weird But True column in the NY Post, in my own words.)

My thanks to the kind folks who bought books today, especially the elderly woman who bought eight in Russian. The highlight of the session came when a young Russian woman asked me to recommend easy books to help her improve her English. "Do you like romance?" I said. "Yes," she replied. I handed her copies of Prime Time by Joan Collins and Blue Smoke by Nora Roberts. She was concerned they might be "literary." I assured her they aren't. As I was closing shop, a lanky gentleman who prefers classics showed, and I quickly rooted for a book I thought he'd like - The Birth of Tragedy and The Case of Wagner by Friedrich Nietzsche. He bought it. Damn, it was cold out there. I spent most of the first hour in the shade, and I never quite recovered, even though the afternoon got more and more beautiful.
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