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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

The Writer's Life 12/7 - A December Day

December 7th cannot pass without mention of the attack on Pearl Harbor, in which 2403 Americans were killed, 1178 wounded. It was a grave error by Japan, for which it paid dearly. Given all that occurred during WWII, culminating in the dropping of the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, it is a miracle that the USA and Japan are strong allies today. Tens of thousands died making it so.

Society has moved another step closer to there being an app for everything. Airdates encourages fliers to post itineraries so they may meet potential lovers in mid-air. It has yet to really take off. When staff from the NY Post tested it recently, only three people were logged in.

The Red Sox have shocked the baseball world, taking a page from the George Steinbrenner era Yankees, acquiring Chicago White Sox ace Chris Sale for four highly touted prospects. Rumor had it he was going to the Washington Nationals. Other teams were also mentioned. Boston wasn't even on the radar. Maybe the sports' press was getting its info from the same people who called the election wrong. Kudos to GM Dave Dombroski for the bold, decisive move,

For the third consecutive year I've had a tussle trying to add page numbers to the file of a soon to be self-published book. Knowing it would be a trial, I started a few days ago. I worked on my own the first and was unable to figure out how to get the numbers to start at the beginning of the novel, not the title page. I found a video at youtube featuring a woman with a southern drawl. It taught me that the preliminary pages had to be separated into a different section. I got that done but then the ensuing pages all had the number four assigned to them. I failed to resolve that, so I sent my literary angel, Victoria Valentine, an SOS on Facebook. She returned the exact page I needed to get the job done right. I clicked on the "Current Position" tab, which did the trick. Given the marvels of technology, I don't understand why numbering can't be accomplished with one click. I have two rounds of proof-reading left, then I will upload the file to Create Space, check how it looks on the online simulator and, if it looks good, order a proof copy.

It was a dreary day but completely absent of wind, which made the floating book shop a snap. My thanks to the woman who bought Jonathan Kellerman's Victims, and the gentleman who wheeled his bike over and purchased Annie Lennox's Diva CD.
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