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Friday, December 23, 2016

The Writer's Life 12/23 - Points of Light

The most extravagant Christmas light displays in the country are located in the Dyker Heights section of Brooklyn, aka Dyker Lights. Over 100,000 people flock to the area every year to see them. One can even book a three-and-a-half-hour bus tour of the area. Tickets are $50 for adults, $40 for kids under 12. Here's an example of the artistry:

Last night Florida Panthers forward Jaromir Jagr had an assist on a goal, which moved him ahead of Mark Messier on the NHL’s all-time points list, in sole possession of second place. The 44-year-old Jagr has 1888 points in his 1663 games. It took Messier 93 more games to hit his total of 1887. Wayne Gretzky holds the all-time record at 2857, which he accomplished in just 1,487 games. Jagr would have to play until he's 100 to catch the Great One. Nonetheless, kudos.

I've read through a print copy of my next novel, Five Cents. It's 175 pages. I will make 30 minor changes. Less than half are error correction. Many are a change of wording, such as "signpost" instead of "lamppost." One aspect surprised me - there was a sentence missing. I have no idea how that happened. And there is a page break in the middle of one section of the PDF version but not in the Word file. It's at the exact point where I made my last addition, two paragraphs about the protagonist's college days. My main concern about the book remains - is it too short to be a good novel? And another has cropped up. The main character may be in or near tears too often. Yes, he's a combat veteran readjusting to civilian life, but I may have overdone it. There is not much plot. I hope the characters are interesting enough so that readers stick with them. I will resubmit the file to Create Space shortly. This time I will use the Google Chrome browser and hope that there will be a tab for Word. If there isn't, I will have to convert to PDF and get the pages numbered at another site. It's never easy.

My thanks to the Russian gentleman who bought a cook book in his native tongue, and to Herbie, who donated a thriller and Marjorie Morninstar by Herman Wouk, first published in 1955. Special thanks to Betsy, who handed me a gift-wrapped pair of thick gloves. She refused any books or CD's in return. All she got was a kiss on the cheek.
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  1. Your book Five Cents sounds interesting. Let me know when it comes out.