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Monday, December 5, 2016

The Writer's Life 12/5 - Short Stuff

I love capitalism, but sometimes it's downright bizarre. Case in point, some Christmas trees in Manhattan have sold for $1000. The going rate for others is $77 per foot. Wow. (NY Post)

Lost in the hoopla of Tiger Woods' return to competitive golf  this weekend was the story of a pro who is on an incredible roll. In his last five starts Hideki Matsuyama has won four times (twice in his native Japan) and finished second the other. It's Tigeresque. Kudos, sensei.

In the NHL on Sunday night, the Calgary Flames walloped the Anaheim Ducks, 8-3. After the game, Ducks' coach Randy Carlyle was asked why he hadn't pulled his beleaguered goaltender, Jonathan Bernier. Turns out his backup, John Gibson, had diarrhea brought on by the flu.

New Jersey has been suffering ongoing budget problems, mostly due to bloated pensions. Here's an example of the nonsense that is occurring: a school district is paying a part-time administrator $850 a day. She works twice a week as an interim assistant -- and receives a state pension of more than $54,000 per year on top of it. Nice work if you can get it.

The gifts cited in The Twelve Days of Christmas would now cost $34,363, up $233 from last year.

Bridgeville, Pa. cops have identified a suspect in the Thanksgiving Day robbery of a gas station. They posted a message on his Facebook page asking him to surrender: "It's only a matter of time before we find you." (Five previous items all from Yahoo, in my own words.)

An ugly morning evolved into a beautiful day. The floating book shop was a snap, despite the fact that it is December 5th. My thanks to the elderly woman who bought Healthy for Life: Developing Healthy Lifestyles That Have a Side Effect of Permanent Fat Loss by Ray Strand and The Loved Dog by Tamar Geller and Andrea Cagan. I had a visit from Vinnie, whose family has owned a lot of property in the neighborhood for decades. He was the passenger in an SUV driven by a man half his age. As they were entering Chase, the guy turned and said: "The bank called him. They need money." Vic's Short Works:
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