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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The Writer's Life 12/13 - People

This is important, no matter which side of the political side you prefer. Please watch this video and share it if you agree with what is presented:

And on to the inconsequential: The Patriots appear vulnerable but still seem like a lock for the Super Bowl, especially if they earn a bye and home field advantage throughout the AFC playoffs... The Rams finally pulled the trigger on firing Jeff Fisher. As a former coach, I hate to see anyone get axed, but how he kept his job after last season's debacle was beyond comprehension... I'm surprised the Giants beat the Cowboys, even though the game was played in Jersey. Is the team gearing up as it did in its last two improbable SB runs? The NFC now seems wide open... Hopefully, this is the start of a long successful career for Jets QB Bryce Petty. He has briefly given fans hope in an otherwise dismal campaign... Bears QB Matt Barkley turned in his third straight solid performance, although in a losing effort. Why do I want to be so right about his potential?... Hail to the Chiefs!

I've hit my second snafu regarding the publication of my next novel. I received notice from Create Space that it was ready. Fortunately, I looked at the interior review before taking the next step. The page numbers were missing. I opened the PDF file and, sure enough, they weren't there, either. What the heck happened to them? I again added them and noticed that they were so far down the page that they might have been left out by CS's book creator - but that doesn't explain why they'd disappeared from the file. It couldn't be hackers playing tricks, could it? It's weird. This would all go away if only there were a MS Word option. Although customer service says there is, the page is showing only a tab for PDF. Now I'm in waiting mode again. I'm glad I didn't delay the process. There's still a chance the book will be up and running by my target date of 1/2.

The submission frustration was immediately vanquished by success at the floating book shop. Three weeks ago a beautiful, 20ish blond bought in bulk. Today she  returned. She visits the area on Tuesdays and was disappointed that the weather had kept me away the past two. She has such a positive aura, her eyes so alive, her love of literature glowing. She is writing herself. I did not pry. She bought 10 books, evenly divided between fiction and non. I hope the man who wins her is worthy. My thanks, and also to my Tuesday benefactress, who I also hadn't seen in a while. She donated about 15 books, including pictorials on Babe Ruth and The Holy Land, the latter purchased almost immediately by an Asian gentleman. My thanks also to the young man who bought two self-help books, and to the 90+ woman who bought Sandra Brown's Best Kept Secrets. She is remarkable, living on her own, getting around by herself, and still reading. I assumed she was in her 80's.
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