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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The Writer's Life 11/8 - How Sweet It Is

I'm stunned. The hidden support talk show hosts and pundits mentioned seemed like wishful thinking to me. Obviously it was there - or the polls were rigged. When the campaign began I believed Trump was the only candidate who had a good shot at defeating the Clinton machine. As the battle progressed, I was sure his unfortunate comportment had finished him. And the mainstream media, celebrity firepower, the stumping of a popular president and first lady, the DOJ, establishment Republicans and, possibly, the machinations o f the FBI director, not to mention the voter fraud Dems are so good at conjuring all seemed impossible to overcome. I'm thrilled to have been wrong. I expected it to be the last time I ever voted, believing the rule of elitists henceforth permanent, irreversible.  Now, if things go well, that may not occur in my remaining years. The Clinton comeuppance is sweet. No candidate has ever deserved to lose more than Hillary. I'm not a political expert - although I play one on this blog - but I would guess the main factors in the Donald's victory are social media, angry white males, Obamacare, Hillary's poor political skills, and the low turnout of Dems, which seems to indicate disenchantment with the party's choice. I don't know if Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, Laura Inraham, Michael Savage and other right wing talking heads can be credited, although Hannity has fearlessly torn into the Republican establishment and revealed it for the charade it is. Newt Gingrich was optimistic all along. He did not guarantee victory but, as a historian, he read the situation perfectly. Now the hard part begins - governing. My life will be unaffected by the election. I'm insulated by the money I saved during my working years and by Social Security and Medicare, and a simple lifestyle. People of working age have been hit hard. They need conditions that will create job and income growth. Will Trump become another politician? Hopefully, his policies will create revenue that will cover the sins of spendthrift politicians. I caution those to the right of center not to expect monumental change. One aspect I'm pretty sure of is the Supreme Court, which will have a right bias, sensible balance. Everything else is a mystery. Will there be enough support in congress for the reduction of the corporate tax rate and repatriation of the huge amount of money sitting overseas? How about the Keystone Pipeline? If the senate fails to come up with the votes to pass it, will Trump be able to pull an Obama and get it going by executive fiat? Either way, expect lawsuits from environmentalists. They will try to delay it, hoping Dems retake power in the near future. Health insurance will be the most difficult issue. I don't know that the Health Savings Accounts proposed by Republicans will fly with the public. I'm not sure how they work myself. Maybe the best thing would be to dump the uninsured into Medicaid. It would be expensive but less so than what O-Care has turned out to be. Also, it would be wise to allow folks to purchase policies offered in other states, as it would introduce a competition that may lower costs. Congratulations, Mr. Trump. Please stop the Twitter feuds. Will even one of the celebrities who threatened to leave the country do so? Facebook should be very interesting today.

Harvard has suspended the men's soccer season because the athletes were keeping lewd charts on their female counterparts. Now the Cross Country team has been found to have done the same. I don't have a problem with such foolishness, but the age of "boys will be boys" has long passed, especially on college campuses, so expect the runners to be sidelined too.

My alma mater, Western Michigan, moved to 10-0 last night after a 37-21 victory at Kent St.. The Broncos are rated 21st in College Football Playoff rankings, 14th in the AP poll.

It sprinkled just enough to put the kibosh on the floating book shop. Back at 'em manana.
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