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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The Writer's Life 11/15 - Americana

Spoiler alert! I'm not sure it's been done before in a prime-time series, but I bet it has on soaps. Gotham has knocked off the same actress playing two different recurring roles. Chelsea Spack played Miss Kringle, an aide at the GCPD. She was accidentally - sort of - strangled by Ed Nygma, the future Riddler. She resurfaced as Isabella, a librarian, and again won Nygma's heart, and again met her demise, this time at the hands of the jealous Penguin, who had a henchman cut the poor woman's brake lines. Oswald Cobblepot is in love with Nygma. I don't know if the comic ever speculated on the Penguin's sexual orientation. Then again, he may just be confused. He is, after all, a psychopath, as is Nygma. The plot turn of making a villain of the previously unimpeachable police captain, perfectly cast in the person of Michael Chiklis, has breathed new life into the show.

Americans have always been crazy about blue jeans. A blurb in today's NY Post reveals just how much. Recently, a pair from Levi Strauss & Co. in mint condition, manufactured in 1893, were found in a trunk. They will soon be auctioned off. In 2005 a pair of 501's from the 1880's brought in $60,000. Another pair, from 1888, sold for six figures months ago. Maybe we should all be leaving pairs in a trunk for our heirs.

Last week I said New England was clearly the class of the NFL and Seattle a mere shadow of its former self. Shows what I know. On Sunday night the Seahawks won on the road in Foxboro. While there no longer seems to be a clear cut favorite for the Super Bowl ring, it will be surprising if the Patriots don't win the AFC championship, although Raiders fans would argue that point. Last week the silver and black defeated the defending champs convincingly in Denver, executing a game plan contrary to what they'd done in previous games, emphasizing the run instead of the pass. The Chiefs' grit has to be admired, but I'd be very surprised if they went far in the playoffs. Right now the Cowboys front office people, much maligned in recent years, are looking like geniuses, having drafted QB Dak Prescott and RB Ezekiel Elliot, who have led them to an 8-1 record. Prescott was selected in the fourth round, the 135th pick overall. He was entrusted with the offense after Tony Romo was injured, and has played brilliantly. Compare this to the 4-5 Rams, who drafted QB Jared Goff number one overall, and who haven't seen fit to play him a single down thus far, despite a struggling offense. According to a headline I just saw at Yahoo Sports, Goff will finally get the nod this Sunday. Hallelujah! As for the locals, even if the Jets win their last six games they might not make the playoffs. Remember when fans and writers were clamoring for management to offer Ryan Fitzpatrick a long term contract? Kudos to the front office for having stuck to their guns and signing him to a one-year deal. I'm still not convinced the Giants will make the post season, although they seem to be improving.

The floating book shop was rained out today.
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