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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The Writer's Life 11/1 - Big & Small Stuff

Speculation is running rampant concerning Hillary's email scandal. For instance, the title of Huma Abedin/Anthony Weiner file that has 650,000 entries. Does the fact that it's named "Life Insurance" have any significance? Is there a bombshell in it that will destroy Clinton's candidacy? Did a threatened mutiny by FBI agents force Comey's hand? Does anyone in the world have a more difficult job at the moment than the FBI Director? I was expecting more dirt on Trump, which has always followed negative news on the Dems' darling. The accusations of his collusion with the Russians are absurd, and the mention of his having used a tax loophole is pathetic. Whose accountants don't use them? Almost every taxpayer wants to pay as little as possible. Have leftists run out of bullets or are they holding their biggest bomb until the day before the election? Trump is now leading in many polls, but that is meaningless. No one knows how this is going to turn out. The electoral college requirement is a tougher get for a Republican than a Democrat. Kudos to President Obama, who has not criticized Comey for reopening the case in the face of fierce criticism. The Donald should be low key about it. The mainstream media can no longer ignore it.

The Cubs are alive in the World Series. Unfortunately, the city of Chicago is still suffering hideous violence. At least 17 were killed over the weekend, 40 wounded.

It's the halfway point of the NFL season. The biggest story so far has been the fall in TV ratings. As usual, everyone seems to be chasing New England, which seems way ahead of the field. The defending champion Broncos are trying to keep pace the old-fashion way -- conservative offense, stout defense. The Raiders have been the most fun, but it is highly unlikely they can go far with that defense. The Seahawks seem to be continuing their decline. At the moment, the Chiefs seem poised to make a deep run, but Andy Reid's teams have come up short so many times in the past. The Cowboys, led by a rookie QB, are the league's biggest surprise. The Vikings' vulnerabilities have been revealed the past two weeks. The Giants and Jets seem like also-rans. At this point the most likely NFC team to advance to the Super Bowl is impossible to predict. In the AFC, it would be very surprising if it isn't the Patriots, although Denver and KC are contenders.

My  thanks to my Tuesday benefactress, who delivered, among other books, three large pictorials on Elizabeth Taylor's jewelry, Gone with the Wind and the Statue of Liberty, which all sold. Thanks also, to Jimmy, who bought up a bunch of non-fiction, and to the woman who purchased a Rita Mae Brown Mrs. Murphy mystery. Thanks also to Natalya & Benedict, who late in the session dropped off three thrillers in Russian, which sweetens tomorrow's pot.
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