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Sunday, November 27, 2016

The Writer's Life 11/27 - Rockin'

From the NY Post, in my own words: The late Malcolm McLaren managed the infamous Sex Pistols. While they were regarded by many as hacks, three of their tracks, God Save the Queen, Anarchy in the UK and Pretty Vacant are terrific rock n roll. It is the 40th anniversary of the release of Anarchy..., and a wave of nostalgia has hit Britain, which has annoyed McLaren's son, Joe Corre. As pictured above, he has burned rare punk memorabilia in protest over how the late 1970’s underground music and cultural movement has turned into a “McDonald’s brand.” He abhors the ongoing "Punk London" event, which has been hosting films and talks in celebration of that wild and crazy genre. I get his point. The hoopla does seem contrary to what punk was about, but isn't he taking it too seriously? I'm sure punk means different things to different people. I thought it was outrageous fun that managed to make some good points. Corre seems to view it as sacred and inviolable, and isn't that contrary to what the music and lyrics were demonstrating?

Also from the rock world: Two notable bios have been published recently: Testimony by Robbie Robertson of The Band, and Lemmy by Mick Wall, which is a portrait of the hardcore rocker who fronted Motorhead.

And on to sports. Here are two incredible stats from college football. In the entire month of November Navy punted only twice, and the Alabama defense did not allow a touchdown... In baseball, Shohei Otani, a 22-year-old superstar, dominated the Japanese league in an unusual way. He made 21 appearances as a pitcher, posting a 10-4 record and 1.86 ERA. In 140 innings he had 174 strikeouts and averaged less than one walk per nine innings. He also served as his team's designated hitter. In 382 plate appearances, he hit .322 with 22 home runs, 18 doubles, one triple and 67 RBI. In the immortal words of Phil Rizzuto - "Holy Cow!" I'm sure this kid will soon be receiving many offers from MLB.

My thanks to the young man who purchased a pictorial on nature, the only sale of the day at the floating book shop. At least it was something large and heavy.
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