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Thursday, September 8, 2016

The Writer's Life 9/8 - Whodunit?

Last night CBS aired the concluding two episodes, 12 & 13, of the whodunit, American Gothic. The mystery was wrapped up, the conclusion satisfying. Did it all make sense? Were there holes in the plot? At this stage of my life, a story line spread over 12 weeks is not easy to follow, so I'll just say I enjoyed it, although it is by far the sleaziest prime time show I've ever seen. There was a silly moment when Cam decided he and his son would be safer from the murderer at the home of his drug addict ex-wife, whom he'd recently coldly given the boot, rather than at his mom's, where his brother and two sisters were present. It made no sense, simply serving as another turn in the narrative. If the network wants to do another season, there is enough leftover to do so -- the accomplice has disappeared; the boy may turn into a sociopath or psychopath; the mayor elect's sins may come back to haunt her as her mother's had. I hope it is left open-ended. That will probably depend on the ratings. Maybe it will return with a completely different cast and story. In researching the actors, all of whom were unfamiliar to me but Virginia Madsen and Jamey Sheriden, I found it amusing that six of the ten members of the family inner circle were born outside the USA, three in the UK, two in Canada, one in New Zealand. I have no objection to it. It is, after all, acting, and all were solid in their roles. I chuckled at the ending, which takes place a year after the climax and includes not only an additional twist but the now happy family enjoying a day at the beach. The liberal mayor has boosted the economy - LOL - and, befitting these politically correct times, there are a lesbian and interracial couple among them. I guess there's no harm in promoting diversity even in a lurid, over the top thriller. 2000+ users at IMDb have rated the series, forging to a consensus of 6.7 of ten. I suspect that will rise, as many may have waited for completion to express an opinion.

The floating book shop continued its recent successful run thanks to three customers who bought in bulk. My thanks to Barbara, who bought two pictorials and a bio of Princess Di, and to Natalia and Benedict, who bought five novels in Russian, and to the burly guy and his wife, who picked out four DVDs from the many a woman had just donated. Sales of fiction in English continue to languish, despite an array that includes best sellers, critically acclaimed works and classics.
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