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Friday, September 16, 2016

The Writer's Life 9/16 - Pisser

Growing up in Brooklyn in the 50's and 60's, we used to dub something funny as "a pisser." Three items in today's NY Post reminded me of that term, which I haven't heard in a long time. With the police closing in, a Pennsylvania drug dealer instantly conjured a novel idea for destroying evidence. He pissed in his pants. Alas, the ploy did not work. He was busted, four unsoiled plastic bags each of heroin and cocaine on him. I imagine the cops used gloves to retrieve the goods... A Florida woman tried a common ploy of high-schoolers who want to skip school. She called in a bomb threat to the place her boyfriend was scheduled to produce a urine sample for his probation officer. Unfortunately, despite such devotion, they won't be housed in a coed jail... An Italian artist, Maurizio Catalan, has taken the bathroom experience to an exalted level by creating an 18-carat gold toilet. It is on the fourth floor of the Guggenheim museum, available to anyone who has paid admission. It is cleaned every 15 minutes with medical wipes that have no fragrance, color or oxidizers. Here's a pic of the golden throne:

Yahoo's Odd News also had an item on today's theme. Here's a summary: "The Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority will run a trial this fall of Ultra-Ever Dry, a surface coating that makes urine spray back on the offender. It has been used in public spaces in San Francisco and Hamburg, Germany. Frisco's public works department used the clear, liquid repellent on some of its city walls to fight a chronic public urination problem. A light pole corroded by urine fell on a car in the city by the bay last year. Pennsylvania officials haven't decided whether they'll coat elevators, which San Francisco's Bay Area Rapid Transit agency did to 80 of them last month, or try the repellent on walkways or walls." You've been warned.

My thanks to the kind folks who bought and donated books on another picture perfect day in Brooklyn. Ol' Smoky visited. A yahoo made a derogatory remark to him while passing, the type that sends such a troubled mind into a long profanity-laced whirl. Smoky was pissed, and it did no good to tell him to let it go.
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