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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The Writer's Life 9/28 - Support

RIP FDNY Battalion Chief Michael Fahy, 44, killed in the line of duty.

Politics dominates today's blog. NYC residents pay 130% above the national average in electricity costs, Long Islanders 64% higher. Governor Cuomo doesn't believe that's enough, as subsidies for clean energy alternatives, paid for by tax payers, will soon kick in. Michael Goodwin has a great line on his op-ed page in today's NY Post: "Can a dirty government produce clean energy?" Just about everyone at the top of the state's political food chain is in hot water. Cuomo has been called "the last man standing." In fairness to him, I'll note that he has signed a common sense bill that prohibits cable and telecom companies from charging the deceased with early termination fees. Some folks in the private sector are just as bad as those in government.

Here's a bit of astounding trivia: pop star Selena Gomez has 100 million followers on Instagram.

This morning I heard on a radio newscast that Trump had picked up a union endorsement, which was most surprising. I wondered if he'd had any others. According to a page at Wiki, there are four: Fraternal Order of Police, National Border Patrol Council, representing 16,000 members; National Immigration and Customs Enforcement Council, representing 5,000 federal immigration officers and law enforcement support staff; New England Police Benevolent Association.

Here's a list of celebrities who have endorsed the Donald. I'll put an asterisk next to the ones who are a surprise, a DK next to those who are unfamiliar to me:
Kirstie Alley*, Scott Baio, Stephen Baldwin, Morgan Brittany*, Kimberly Brown (DK), Gary Busey, James Caan, Dean Cain, Kirk Cameron, Stacey Dash (DK), Robert Davi. Tom Dreesen (DK), Erik Estrada*, Lou Ferrigno, Jeff Foxworthy, Jenna Jameson*, Larry the Cable Guy, Bob Levy (DK), Jerry Lewis*. Amy Lindsay (DK), Brandi Love (DK), Jackie Mason, Bruce McGill, Carlos Mencia (DK), Dennis Miller, Michael Moriarty, Jim Norton (DK), Chuck Norris, Joe Piscopo, Randy Quaid,
John Ratzenberger, Anthony Ribustello (DK), Antonio Sabàto Jr., Nick Searcy (DK), Steven Seagal, Lindsey Shaw (DK), Tom Shillue (DK), Kevin Sorbo, Paul Sorvino*, Ben Stein, Ann Turkel (DK), Jean-Claude Van Damme, Jon Voight, Fred Williamson, Azealia Banks (DK), Zoltan Bathory (DK), Pat Boone, Larry Gatlin, Jesse Hughes (DK), Filipp Kirkorov (DK), Loretta Lynn, Justin Moore (DK), Naked Cowboy, Wayne Newton, Ted Nugent, John Rich (DK), Kid Rock*, Kenny Rogers, Gene Simmons, White Dawg (DK), Young Dro (DK).

It was one of those rare sessions when the floating book shop resembled a real business. A gentleman double parked his SUV and asked if I wanted books. I almost balked when I saw how many there were. I've never turned down anyone who has gone to such effort. Fortunately, I took them all. Half were weighty pictorials. I sold a whole bunch. My thanks to Ira, who cleaned out my Hollywood stock, and to Jimmy, who bought 12 books of wide variety, to all the other kind folks who made purchases, and to the elderly man who brought me a bag of paperbacks as I was hauling the crates back to the car.
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