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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The Writer's Life 9/21 - Lard & Other Delights

There are several interesting points on diet and nutrition in an article by Reed Tucker in today's NY Post. A study by the American Journal of Public Health has found that menu-labeling has had the opposite effect government nannies had desired - consumers are choosing high-calorie options... According to Alona Pulde and Matthew Lederman, authors of The Fork over Knives Plan, coconut oil, a new fad, is high in saturated fat, "worse than lard."... In 2015 the University of Texas Health Science Center monitored 475 consumers of diet soda and found that 70% had an increase in waistline. Those who drank two or more per day had an increase of 500%! I've always called it "diet poison"... Trainer/Bodybuilder Maik Weidenbach is quoted as saying: "...two people, one who eats at McDonald's, the other who overeats with organic foods, the Mickey D's guy will be leaner." This because total calories matter. I've read that fact elsewhere as well. By the way, one in three Americans is considered obese.

The Post has this great front page picture accompanying the news that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are divorcing:

That's Jennifer Aniston, Pitt's ex. Of course, her marriage may also eventually go the way of most celebrity unions. Still, it's funny - at least for everyone but Brangelina and their six kids, three of which are biological.

My thanks to the kind folks who made purchases today at the floating book shop. Ol' Smoky showed. He's been bugging me for more music cassettes. I gave him five, hoping he would be distracted. No such luck - he talked non-stop for an hour-and-a-half - about a pamphlet he'd been given about his Medicare prescription drug coverage, of which he couldn't make head or tails, the BP Gulf oil spill, and the plans to run pipelines under Indian territory. For a change I was happy to see Mountain Man approach so that I could ignore Smoky. He's usually informative but today he was entertaining. Retired, he related the strategy he used regarding interviews on his way up the post office food chain. He was perpetually stoned on marijuana back then - and still somehow a Type-A personality. He'd listen to the Rolling Stones' Start Me Up and Van Halen's Jump and charge in and "attack the attackers." I laughed when he said he was once asked about a "joint decision" and was unable to resist a comment about reefer. Once a left wing radical, he has done a complete about face. Although he voted for Obama twice, he now imagines the President and his wife, before they go to bed each night, kiss and congratulate each other for sticking it to whitey.
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