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Saturday, April 2, 2016

The Writer's Life 4/2 - Homeward Bound

The floating book shop was rained out today. I reviewed the first 25 pages of what will be my next book, the first manuscript I ever completed back in 1975. Since it's only 179 pages, it will take less than two weeks to read through it. Only minor changes will be made. Here's an excerpt in the form of a letter from a woman to her fiance, who is aboard a plane, returning from Vietnam:
   Dear Tommy:
   I prayed you’d come home in one piece. The nights have been unbearable. I was sure you’d be killed or permanently disabled. There’s so much of that in the news. I lacked faith. Unlike you, I’m such a coward. I didn’t believe I’d ever have the opportunity to hold you again. I keep asking myself why God has chosen to reward a person of so little faith like me. I cursed Him so many times for not stopping the war. I try to fight it. I march in peace rallies every weekend, but they’re so frustrating. The people are so confused, scared and in desperate need of guidance. If only the world would let love be its guide.
   Please come home to me. The pain of losing you would be greater than that of not being able to bear your children. I’m not being a martyr. I love you. I’d be lying if I said this wasn’t a blow, but I can’t bear the thought of losing you. Marriage is sacrifice, and I’m prepared to make one. Besides, I’ll always have classrooms full of first-graders to love. 20 new kids a year! That’s more than any mom would ever dream of having, and I won’t have to change their diapers or clean up their messes.
   I put in an application for grad school for you in case you get back in time for the start of the semester. You’ve been accepted, but you’re on probation. You’ll have to maintain a B average the first semester to stay in school. I had to laugh. They don’t realize how brilliant you are. I’m going to register you for eight credits. You'll need 30 for your Master’s. You can do it in a year and a half if you go spring and summer. I’ll work your way through, and you can pay me back when your first novel is published.
   Come home to me. I’m waiting for you. It’s been more than a year since we made love, but I remember it as if it were yesterday. You have such power over me. It makes me feel like a slave and a superwoman at once. The first time we met I felt as if a magnet were drawing us together. It was as if I’d always known you. I wanted to resist. I didn’t believe in love. I never found anything that even remotely resembled it until you came along. I know I must sound like an adolescent, but I say this all from the heart. I wish I could express myself on paper as well as you do.
   Call and let me know when you’ll be in. We’ll meet you at the airport. My mom and dad can’t wait to marry me off. I finally moved out of the house. We have an apartment close enough to campus so that you can walk to your classes. I bought a car too.
   Please come home to me, Tommy. I love you so much.

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