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Monday, February 8, 2016

The Writer's Life 2/8 - Players

While the Super Bowl was poorly played, it was refreshing to see defense dominate in this pass-happy era. I'm happy Peyton Manning will, if he chooses to retire, go out on top. I think he should call it quits. It's not likely his skills will remotely approach what they once were. I suppose he might be content letting the Bronco defense carry him to another championship. As for Cam Newton, one can only hope that he one day carries himself with the class his counterpart has demonstrated throughout his career... The number of personal fouls was disappointing but not surprising. I got my dander up only once -- when the Broncos decided to pass on second and goal when they should have run to force, if they did not score, the Panthers to use their time-outs. I hate this aspect of the modern NFL. They got away with it, though, Carolina committing a penalty on the play... Although I recognized only the opening song, Coldplay's Viva La Vida, of the halftime show, I enjoyed the lively, colorful extravaganza, especially the way the creators got the audience to participate so adeptly. I tuned out or engaged in conversation during the commercials, so I have nothing to say about them. I thank my old friends Adam and Sharon for inviting me to their home. Their daughter Kayla has earned a full academic scholarship to SUNY Oneonta, which is way upstate. Their son, Kal, 24, was tending bar. He will graduate from Brooklyn College in the spring. He is preparing for competition in grueling three mile endurance races that feature obstacle courses and such. He is very committed, training in leaden vests, carrying an 80 pound bucket up and down stairs, and keeping a strict diet. Best of luck, kids.

Today's NY Post had two especially interesting items. In 2015, for the first time ever, there were no deaths in Alaska commercial fishing....  Reuven Fenton and Laura Italiano contributed an awesome piece on a gambler. Bronx born Joe Reddick, a former drug dealer, spent 15 years in eleven federal penitentiaries. One day he was observing fellow inmates playing poker and was asked to join the game. He was immediately hooked. He estimates he lost about $7000 worth of Snickers bars before he learned the ropes. The prisoners would gamble for cans of tuna, sweat suits, sneakers, etc.. The games were always civil. When he happened to catch the World Series of Poker on ESPN, he realized he could earn a living at it. Upon his release in 2008, with $500 in his pocket, he took a bus to Atlantic City. He walked out of the casino with $2500, and hasn't looked back. His biggest haul was recent, $217, 792 won at a winter tournament this month in AC. His ambition is to win the World Series of Poker, Kudos, sir.

The floating book shop may be going on hiatus for a while, as real winter weather is forecast for the week, which means I'll be doing ten instead of five pages per day on the reworking of my first manuscript. I also have two Sunday crossword puzzles saved to help pass the time.
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