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Thursday, February 11, 2016

The Writer's Life 2/11 - Sweet Dreams

The NY Post runs a daily gossip column called Page Six, which usually lands on another page, such as 12, as it did today. Most of the items are complete fluff, geared to die hard celebrity followers. Here's an excerpt from an interesting and amusing one just about anyone would appreciate, edited by yours truly: "Dave Stewart, one-half of ’80s duo Eurythmics with Annie Lennox, who’s gone on to collaborate with Mick Jagger, Bob Dylan and Katy Perry, claims that since 1979 his body has been inhabited by another being, who’s written all his songs. He says: 'I had a huge car crash in Germany . . . I had many different operations. I died on the operating table. I flatlined in about 1979, and somebody else slipped into my body, which is called a "walk-in" . . . That’s the name when that happens. From then on, I’ve been somebody else. I am completely not me. I’m speaking on behalf of Dave, but I am somebody else who has written hundreds and thousands of songs.'"
This would have been a great theme for an episode of The X-Files reboot. I suspect it's just a silly idea he's come up with as self promotion, but there's no denying his successful career. He has won numerous awards, including Grammys as part of Eurthymics, and three Brit Awards as Best Producer. He has just published a memoir: Sweet Dreams Are Made of This, with a foreword by Mick Jagger.
The weather has sent the floating book shop to hiatus-ville. I don't expect to sell books on the street until at least Tuesday. That's why they call it winter, and why I hate it.
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