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Friday, February 19, 2016

The Writer's Life 2/19 - Jokers

In an article in today's NY Post, Seth Lipsky addresses a move by some congressman to eliminate the $100 bill, presumably because terrorists and criminals use the Benjamins in their trades. Here are excerpts, pared and edited by yours truly: "That strikes me as an unconvincing argument, particularly from Democrats. They have withdrawn from nigh every front in the war on Islamic terror. They don’t want to name our enemies or even call our struggle a war. Meantime, they’re downsizing our army. Secretary of State John Kerry is preparing to surrender in Syria, and the Russians and Communist Chinese are on the march. The best the Democrats can come up with is taking away Americans’ favorite form of cash. It’s the financial equivalent of gun control. When criminals use guns the Democrats want to take guns from law-abiding citizens. When terrorists use hundreds, the liberals want to deny the rest of us the Benjamins. Ordinarily this would invite ridicule, save for the fact that it’s part of a larger game — the movement to do away with cash altogether. This movement is growing by the year, at home and abroad. Just this month, the Financial Times issued a column on the benefits of doing away with cash. The head of Germany’s biggest bank is predicting that in a decade 'cash probably won’t exist.' What the government fears is that if people use cash, they’ll be able to act privately. It’ll be harder to impose on them the sky-high taxes the government likes. It would never occur to a government official to deal with this problem by, say, lowering taxes. Nope, they just want to make it harder to use cash. One of the left's arguments for doing away with high-denomination banknotes is that $1 million carried in the form of 500-euro notes weighs only 2.2 pounds. If a terrorist were forced to lug around his million in 20's, it would weigh 50 pounds. This is what they’re teaching up there at Harvard these days. By that logic they’ll soon be arguing in favor of going back to using gold bullion. At the price of gold under the post-war gold standard, $1 million would weigh 1,959 pounds. Having to lug that around would really slow down the terrorists, but they don’t like the gold standard up at Harvard. Welcome to the age of modern money. First the government runs down the value of the dollar. Then when people start carrying what little money they have in hundreds, the Democrats start complaining about terrorists. The truth is that the Democrats aren’t worried about the terrorists and cash. If they are so worried about terrorists, why are they preparing to give $150 billion back to the Iranians?" Kudos, sir.

The Post published a list of politicians convicted of fraud who are collecting government pensions in New York. There are 15 names on it, 13 Democrats, three Republicans. The lowest payout is $7429, the highest $126,132. Recently, a law was passed to end this outrage, but only for future criminals. For the 15, crime has paid.

Kudos to those Twitter users who retaliated against the Pope's condemnation of Donald Trump by demanding the walls of the Vatican fortress be torn down.
RIP Harper Lee, 89, author of To Kill a Mockingbird, which will live on long after her, certain to be on the reading list of schools for the foreseeable future. Well done, Madam.

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