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Monday, February 29, 2016

The Writer's Life 2/29 - White

I didn't watch the Oscars telecast. Why endure three hours of blather and commercials when one can read a recap in minutes in the newspaper? Although I find his preaching about climate change annoying and hypocritical, given his frequent trips on private jets, I'm glad Leonardo DiCaprio finally won. He's been terrific his entire career. I guess the biggest upset was in the Best Supporting Actor category, where it was expected Sylvester Stallone would be rewarded by his peers career for his long career and box office success. I have always believed his work mediocre, especially when compared to that of the winner, Mark Rylance, who's in the top tier, stage and screen. I've seen only two of the nominees for Best Picture, Mad Max Fury Road and The Martian, two entertaining technical marvels but, ultimately, fluff pieces. Here are the rest:
Spotlight -- I doubt I'd enjoy this anymore than I did All the President's Men (1976). Two hours of how Boston Globe reporters broke the Catholic church's sex scandal is simply not appealing. Throw all the violators in prison and let's be done with it.
Bridge of Spies -- A rare box office bomb from Spielberg, but a cold war premise that sounds very interesting. It will be added to my Netflix list.
The Revenant -- the movie I look forward to most.
The Big Short -- I was pissed but not surprised when I read the story line completely overlooks the government's role in the financial meltdown.
Room -- Don't know much about it, which is good. Look forward to it.
Brooklyn -- Although I have low expectations for it, how can I resist a flick set in the hometown I love?
This morning radio talk show host Mark Simone had two amusing comments on the telecast; Regarding the lack of diversity controversy, he asked when Hollywood would include conservatives. And on Joe Biden's speech on sexual harassment, he said he thought it was about Bill Clinton. Kudos, sir.

Gotham returns tonight after a three month hiatus. Eleven episodes remain. I hope they will be shown in consecutive weeks.

It was an odd day weather-wise, a glorious morning, a two-hour stretch of gloom, and a return of sun. I opened up the book shop an hour later than usual. My thanks to the gentleman who purchased Frederick Forsyth's The Deceiver, and the lady who bought Lee Child's Jack Reacher thriller, Make Me. Business in January and February far surpassed last year's. It remains to be seen whether it was a
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