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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

The Writer's Life 7/4 - Freedom

On this day we celebrate the liberty Americans enjoy, for which many paid the ultimate price. A Texas congressman is fighting for the release of soldiers who answered the country's call and are now imprisoned. In a letter to President Trump, Representative Brian Babin of Texas asked him to consider the immense pressure the men were under while fighting for their country in Iraq and Afghanistan. The men, known as The Leavenworth 10, are serving terms ranging from 10 years to life. Said Babin: “As you know, our troops face extremely difficult decisions while serving in the heat of battle... These moments present life-or-death consequences not only for them, but for the men and women with whom they serve. Far too often, we forget that a tiny fraction of our society has to shoulder the immense burden of these wars. These men and women voluntarily joined the military and answered our nation’s call to duty... I’m certainly not excusing what these men may have done, but the previous administration emptied the Guantanamo Bay facility of terrorists that returned right back to the battlefield... Our troops face extremely difficult decisions when in battle... These are life and death decisions they have to make. They are in intense situations that few can understand.” I will add that scores of drug dealers have been paroled. Free these men. Kudos to Congressman Babin. (From an article at, edited by yours truly)

According to an article in today's NY Post, a British study has found that 20% of male fish now show feminine traits including female sex organs, egg production, reduced sperm count, and less aggressive behavior - the result of chemicals found in contraceptives, pills, cleaning agents and cosmetics flushed down the drain.

On my morning walk at 6 AM, I saw a full-bearded many frolicking on a park swing, going back and forth as high as the device would allow, apparently without a care in the world. I'm not sure if he were homeless. There was a huge backpack nearby.

As expected on this holiday, it was a quiet session of the floating book shop. My thanks to the lady and gentleman who each bought a book in Russian. Happy 4th.

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