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Monday, July 10, 2017

The Writer's Life 7/10 - This n That

Last night a friend's Facebook post warned of alleged dangers of marijuana use now that it is all but legal nationwide and more people are using it. Her post focused on reports of the stomach pain some users reported to hospital staff. I just googled "cramps from pot use" and did not find any medical articles to confirm it, although there is a long list of forums where folks have complained of such pain and back pain, and others have refuted it or blamed the problems on marijuana that is not organically grown, or over-eating due to the munchies. I've always wondered if there would be unintended consequences of lax weed policy. I still haven't heard anything concrete. Meanwhile, tax coffers are bulging with more money for politicians to buy votes, and some people actually find pain relief in marijuana use. At present legalization seems a plus. For the record, I don't smoke grass or use any other narcotics, and my alcohol intake is a few glasses of wine per year. I am hopelessly square in this regard.

According to the Fast Takes column in today's NY Post, the Department of Veteran Affairs has fired 500 workers since January, and disciplined hundreds of others. It was a long time coming but a crackdown was necessary.

On the heels of promising economic data and the positive results of the President's trip to Europe, the Trump-Russia collusion angle has been resurrected by the media. Coincidence?

I had to haul my wares about 70 yards today. It was the hardest I've worked in a while. The back and forth and setting up consumed darn near a half hour. Marie showed with a bag o'books she found in the basement of her building. She has been so generous through the years, donating music and movies as well. I gave her a copy of Billionths of a Lifetime as a thank you, and she was sweet enough to say she was coming out way ahead. Not so. She has indirectly put hundreds of dollars in my pocket. Thank you, my dear, and also to the gentleman who purchased two Daniel Silva thrillers, and to Michael, who swapped eight paperbacks for Michael Shaara's rousing fictionalization of the Battle of Gettysburg, The Killer Angels; and also to the gentleman who bought Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code, of which I must have sold ten copies through the years. The most satisfying sale of the day came from a Russian gentleman who has bought classical CD's from me. He spotted Metallica's And Justice for All. In case he didn't know, I thought I'd better warn him that it was heavy metal. He knew, and I felt foolish, but he overpaid for it anyway, as he usually does. Thank you, sir.
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