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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The Writer's Life 7/12 - Notes to Self

I've been jotting notes about the manuscript I have in the works, which I plan to self-publish in January. Present and Past is the story of two men pushing 40 who have remained friends despite the marked differences in their view of life. Here's what I plan to add: Tony taps into her desire to breakout, to be wild... An ex-hooker comments: "The only weird thing about you is your friendship with that creep." Freddie stifles the urge to say her past negated her right to judge... Commenting on the death of a mutual friend in Vietnam, Freddie says: "He was a million times the man we are." And Tony replies: "And where'd it get him? We're alive and he's dead."... Tony: "It's like my old man complainin' every night about not havin' enough dough. Meanwhile, he's sittin' on his ass in front of the TV instead of goin' out and hustlin' up some cash."... Freddie: "These are the parts that make up my life. How can I not love them?"... Freddie is ashamed of the recollection of a speech he gave as a college freshman on a person who influenced his life. He made up a story of a teacher trying to seduce him, which manifests how the thought of sex dominated him... Freddie: "Looks like I'm as deluded about being an actor as I was about playing college football."... Freddie: "We're blessed with this incredible freedom, and what am I doing with it? Banging my head against the wall trying to make it as an actor, having sex with a lot of women." Tony: "What's better than that?" Freddie: "Maybe I should be doing something that'd make the world a better place." Tony snickers: "Good luck with that."... On memory, Tony: "How d'you know you're even rememberin' this stuff right?" Freddie: "They may not be exact, but the essence is right on. It's like whenever I watch a movie I think I have down pat, and I'm always surprised it's a little different than I remember."  I will begin the next revision on October 1st, do another on November 1st and, the last, I hope, on December 1st.

My Thursday benefactress showed with eight books, three of which sold. My thanks to Ira, who bought The Martha Rules by Martha Stewart, and to the woman who overpaid for Two by Two by Nicholas Sparks and Emma's Secret by Barbara Taylor Bradford, and to the lovely Asian woman who purchased two pictorials on Britain's royal family. The most interesting moment of the session occurred when a 30-ish, large, red-haired guy riding a fancy bike stopped and complimented me on the display, dubbing it "ecumenical, set up to attract the intellectually curious of this material world." He sounded like a writer. Curious about what he meant by ecumenical, with which I was familiar only in its application to the Christian councils of the 1960's, I googled it. Here's the definition from Merriam-Webster: "worldwide or general in extent, influence, or application." In other words, variety.
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