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Saturday, March 5, 2016

The Writer's Life 3/5 - Supermen

I'm at the age, 65, where death is a constant. Several lifelong friends have passed away the past few years. Minutes ago I visited Facebook and saw postings on the passing of one of our Lafayette H. S. Redmen brethren, Frank Zanca. He was a junior in 1966, my senior year. He was a big, strong two-way tackle. I had the privilege of lining up beside him that season. He was naturally talented. Fortunately, he took it easy on the rest of us in practice, not so on the opposition. I vividly remember him seated on the floor of the locker room, singing Staff Sergeant Barry Sadler's Ballad of the Green Berets. He went west after graduating and for years was off the radar until re-merging recently. I communicated with him several times on the great gift that is Facebook, created by wunderkind Mark Zuckerberg, who has reunited millions of old friends. I was so looking forward to seeing Frank at the team's 50th anniversary reunion later this year. He will be missed, along with Ernie Felago, a defensive tackle who was all heart, who passed away in his mid 50's. RIP, brothers. May we some day get the chance to line up again as a unit.

RIP Pat Conroy, 70, author of 14 books. There are five film adaptations of his work. He also wrote an original teleplay, Unconquered. Although he has garnered many literary awards, none have been major, which is surprising given the reverence The Prince of Tides is shown. What makes his success more impressive is that he wrote serious works. Well done, sir.

Why does Batman vs. Superman have a subtitle: Dawn of Justice?

I've noticed a yellow question mark in the upper left corner of some of my emails and had no idea what it meant. I'd been meaning to run the cursor over it to see if the mystery would be solved but kept forgetting. I now may know what it means. I received mail from who I thought was a friend fond of wrestling. It had a picture of a masked wrestler. He did not send it, so I assume it is attributable to the meanies who infiltrated my computer when I downloaded MS Word last year. There are a lot of intelligent jerks out there, sort of comic book super villains. I'll just have to make sure to look for that icon.

My hope for the floating book shop today was to sell the eight Russian detective novels I had on display. I sold five. Spasibo, to the folks who bought them, and thanks also to the gentleman who purchased Dan Brown's Angels and Demons, of which I have another copy. I'd guess I've sold about ten the past few years.
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