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Friday, March 18, 2016

The Writer's Life 3/18 - America

Some news items are deliciously bizarre. The above photo is of Chrese Evans, 44, who runs an antique shop in Portland, Oregon. She is the granddaughter of one of the most prolific mass murderers in history, Joseph Stalin. She is profiled today in an article in the NY Post. I love America and, apparently, so does she.

The Weird But True column provides another tasty nugget. A Virginia victim of assault has come up with a novel way to fight crime. She has developed self-defense bras. There are two types: The Just in Case Knife Bra, which has a slot for a blade and sells for $54.99, and the Just in Case Pepper Spray Bra, $49.99. I'm sure Jane Russell would have approved and would have gladly done ads for them. Life never cease to fascinate. Kudos,madam.
Despite an unfriendly wind that wouldn't allow me to display my wares as usual, the floating book shop had a good day. Occupy Jack got things started. Decked out in a Bernie Sanders hat and T-shirt, and a jacket that had Sanders' logo stitched to its back, he went into the anti-Israel spiel he's delivered so many times, which manifests his contrarian nature like nothing else, as he is Israeli born. He praised an orthodox sect that shares his view. Coincidentally, someone had donated a book on such types only yesterday, and OJ bought it. Later, my spirits soared at the approach of a congenial old timer who spends most of the year in Florida. He bought six books in Russian and a Steve Berry thriller. Then Mira, a 30-year-old Ukrainian-born mom of a toddler. visited, giving me a hug and kiss. That alone would have been enough, but she also bought Billionths of a Lifetime. She is on Spring break from her second semester at St. Joseph's College. Finally, Natalya and Benedict bought four mysteries (dee-tec-teeve) in Russian. Since they've donated so many books, I wanted them to have them for free, but they insisted on paying. My thanks, folks, and also to the gentleman who swapped a Tom Clancy hardcover for two paperback thrillers.
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