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Thursday, March 24, 2016

The Writer's Life 3/24 - Old Fave

I don't think I'd ever be able to co-write with anyone. My ego wouldn't allow me to share credit. In TV and film, committees are common, and it occasionally achieves greatness. Last night the CW ran episode 19 from season eight of Seinfeld, The Yada Yada, first broadcast in April 1997. I've seen it umpteenth times and it still hasn't become old. It is flawless from start to finish, all four story lines woven together brilliantly and hilariously: George's larcenous girlfriend, Jerry's outrage over convert dentist Tim Watley's Jewish jokes, Kramer and Mickey's arguments over two girls, and Elaine's efforts to see that a couple qualify for an adoption. The casting of Robert Wagner and Jill St. John as the midget Mickey's parents was a stroke of genius -- "Mother Nature's a mad scientist," as Kramer puts it before that handsome couple even takes the stage. And there are several other memorable lines along the way: "No, I mentioned the bisque." "And you're an anti-dentite." "No, it offends me as a comedian." And the coup de gras, which guest star Debra Messing has the honor of delivering: "Not to mention the blacks and the Jews." Okay, maybe that last one is flawed, as a doctor is definitely smart enough to realize Seinfeld is a Jewish name. Still, it's bombshell funny. The episode won an Emmy. Four writers receive credit: Jennifer Crittenden and Steve Koren for story, and Peter Mehlman and Jill Franklyn as writers. Crittenden was involved in the scripts of 25 episodes of the series, Koren 26, Mehlman 40, Franklyn only this one. It was directed by Andy Ackerman, who was at the helm for 87 episodes of the iconic series. Even George's goofy pop-ins at the confessional booth and at the dentist office, and Kramer and Mickey's slapstick are spot on. Kudos to the army of talent that created this enduring work of art. I'm embarrassed about how I scoffed when fans told me of the show's greatness during its initial run. "A sitcom?" It's as astute a portrait of modern times as there is. (Facts from IMDb).

Best of luck to QB RGIII, who is about to sign with the woeful Cleveland Browns. He burst onto the NFL scene in his rookie season with the Redskins, dazzling the opposition passing and running, then suffered injuries that set him back, and lost his starting job to Kirk Cousins. While listening to a Giants' radio broadcast one Sunday, the analyst said that defenses knew Griffin's tendency was to lock on to his primary receiver, and that he had difficulty located any of the others. I hope he proves the naysayers wrong.

My thanks to the kind folks who bought books today. The session was highlighted by two visits from Mr. Philly, going and coming. He's a resident of the Atlantic Towers co-op and has businesses in Philadelphia, which he visits at least once a week. He is in the process of opening a pizzeria there and has designs on three more. 70, an ex-Marine, he doesn't need the money. He simply is enthralled with entrepreneurship. And brother can he wax about it.
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