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Friday, April 7, 2017

The Writer's Life 4/7 - Troubled World

The job of President of the United States is never easy. The difficulty increases dramatically when armed force is used. I'm certain that Donald Trump wants to do business, deals, not war. Just days ago officials, including the president, seemed reluctant to take further action in Syria, where U.S. ground forces are participating, despite the carnage that has taken place. Assad forced Trump's hand, and the Commander in Chief acted appropriately. Who can say where will this lead? Hopefully, the planet's tyrants will now think twice about perpetrating heinous acts. Unfortunately, I doubt it will end here. History indicates it won't. Sadly, we are in a conflict that will last decades, the attack today in Sweden merely another paragraph. Getting rid of Assad will be difficult, but it consequences would likely be benign. Only the most fanatical terrorists would use it as a propaganda weapon, which they do with anything, anyway. Getting rid of the leader of North Korea seems impossible. If accomplished, the consequences might be dire. Surrounding nations should be supplied with missile defense systems. The prospects for world peace seem even grimmer than usual. Good luck, Mr. President, and also to justice Neil Gorsuch, confirmed today by the so-called nuclear option. The vote was 54-45.

Fortunately, life goes on despite the world's chaos. Even though the stretch of annoying weather continued, the floating book shop got lucky. As I was setting up shop, a gentleman approached and asked if I wanted a cache of Russian books and regular DVD's. He returned five minutes later with a shopping cart. There were at least 40 books, most, judging by the covers, fantasy, and more than 50 popular movies, most action-oriented. All of the session's sales, except one CD, were books in Russian. My thanks to the buyers, and to the elderly lady who has been such a good customer, who donated eight books in her native tongue.
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