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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The Writer's Life 4/19 - Move Fast

Today's NY Post has several interesting items. Here are highlights, in my own words: Jonathan Taplin, author of Move Fast and Break Things: How Facebook, Google, and Amazon Cornered Culture and Undermined Democracy, makes a great point in an op-ed piece. While I would argue that said companies encourage rather than undermine democracy, Taplin is spot on in asking why youtube, whose algorithms successfully block porn, doesn't devise any to block posts by ISIS and other bad actors... I'm not a germophobe - unless I visit a hospital - and here's the reason why, as pointed out in an article by Betsy McCaughey: "...There are at least a dozen lethal superbugs the CDC has labeled 'nightmare bacteria.' They’re causing tens of thousands of deaths a year in American hospitals. But you wouldn't know it, reading death certificates. At least half the time, the infection that actually killed the patient is omitted..." And this simple headline at the website is a reminder of the peril that may be around the corner: "The FBI has active terror investigations in all 50 states."

So far my support of President Trump remains very high. I thought he was in error in trusting Putin, but that was vanquished by the bombing in Syria, which embarrassed the Russian leader, who I firmly believe is our enemy. Yesterday the President congratulated Turkey's leader on winning the country's referendum on increasing presidential power. I realize Turkey may help in the fight against ISIS, but I think Mr. Trump should have remained silent on the issue or, if pressed by the media, been ambiguous. Erdogan seems to be turning his country into an Islamic state.

Here's another example of why I love Chinese immigrants. I buy two hot dog buns from a local bakery every Wednesday morning, and have them for lunch. Until recently, they were a buck each. They raised the price, not to two dollars or even one-fifty, but to $1.10! Bless their hearts.

My thanks to the kind folks who bought, donated and swapped books today. One gentleman dropped off seven Harlequin paperback romances, another two bags filled with hardcovers, including a 35th anniversary edition of Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged. Most of the sales were of Russian books. Steve, the poet laureate of Sheepshead Bay, bought three CD's of classical music. He teaches a class on opera at the New School. The highlight of the session was a visit from Ol' Smoky, who has remained in emergency housing and not returned to living on the streets, as I feared he might. To repay him for all the books he'd given me before his eviction, and since he again has access to CD and DVD players, I let him take several items. While perusing the case housing Public Enemies (2009), starring Johnny Depp, he mentioned that John Dillinger asked for absolution as he lay dying. I was skeptical. Smoky insisted. I didn't argue, knowing how riled he might get. I just asked Google about it. Dillinger's page at Wiki says he died without a word. I wonder if OS has JD mixed up with another criminal.
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